What We Believe

Is that Each Person

Was lovingly considered before his or her conception, carefully created in the image of the Creator and that each has a specific purpose to fulfill in his or her life, even the ones who live the very briefest of lives.

We believe that the same God who lovingly and carefully made us, longs for relationship with us. We believe that He is deeply concerned with our sorrow and He delights in us, just as earthly parents delight themselves in their children.

We believe that we are here to know God and to serve Him. We are motivated by the knowledge that we are the beneficiaries of an immeasurable love that has been given to us without obligation. We want to pass on to others the love that has been so freely given to us because of our gratitude and because of the joy of giving.

There are many who believe that the universe and everything in it happened by chance and that ultimately it has no purpose except to exist until the next big bang blows everything to oblivion. When we experience agonizing events in our lives, this fatalistic perspective may seem easiest to accept, but how terribly discouraging this is. What hope does it leave for our future?

Why would our very existence be for nothing? Why would billions of people be born, live their lives and die for no apparent reason? What hope is there if all our labor and toil, all our love and passion and all that we strive to be will ultimately disappear forever in a vacuum of meaninglessness?

In reality, what we see is an infinite universe filled with incredible order, complexity and beauty. To think that all of this is a product of random chance doesn’t add up. It makes so much more sense and produces great confidence in us to believe that the vast order and detail found in creation testifies to a brilliant Creator.

We want you to understand that we care about what is happening to you because of what we believe.

When we experienced our miscarriages and when our children suffered through prematurity, surgery and illness, we did not fully understand why it was happening. We prayed for understanding and sometimes it was many years before we could see some purpose in the pain. However, what we were sure of was that through every trial, we were not alone. Through each hospitalization and each diagnosis, we felt a supernatural peace and confidence that we would survive, even triumph over our circumstances because God had not forgotten us.

As we look back through the years, we have seen His plan unfold in our lives. We understand that some of the things that happened were simply a matter of living in a world into which sin has entered. The things that happened to us for the most part were not due to anything we did, but just because we live here on this earth.

We hope that in your journey of grief (and beyond) you catch a glimpse of the incredible possibilities that have been reserved for you. As you make your way along the path of purpose for your life, we pray that you will be filled with a deep peace and gratitude for the God who loves you so deeply and watches over you each moment.

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