Album Pictures

The Forever in Our Hearts Album is unique in its design. Rather than being a blank album in which families would be expected to decide how to use the pages, it gives direction on what could be included through the use of a heading on each of the pages. For those who don’t feel very creative, this is a big help.

More importantly, we’ve provided an Album Guide that gives page-by-page instruction as to how to use the album and thoughts about how to navigate the difficult journey of grief. Grieving is a hard thing to understand and it helps to know what to expect and how to best help yourself through it.

The album is approximately 5″ x 7″and has a padded, embossed cover and beautiful illustrations throughout by a very gifted artist named Chris Garborg. Chris truly put his heart into this album and exceeded our expectations. The album has 24 pages and is acid-free and lignin free to preserve pictures for many years.

We have included on this page several pictures of the album interiors and some excerpts from the Album Guide.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these albums or other items, please visit our Resources page.

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“If you did choose a name for your baby, it is very important that this baby gets that special name. Embrace that name with all your heart, instead of ‘saving it’ for the next baby. When and if the time comes to name the next baby, there will be another name just as precious for that child.”


“Weeks or months after the loss of your baby, you may experience unusual thoughts and strong feelings. You may feel angry at people who don’t understand what you’re going through or sad when you see another family with a new baby. ‘How can the world just go on as if everything is normal, when we’ve lost our baby?’ is a common feeling among grieving parents.”
“Who came to see you during this difficult time?  Who was there to cry with you, care for you, show you a special kindness or understanding, or just be with you? This is the place to honor those special people by placing pictures of them or notes from them or by writing down your thoughts about them.”


“If your baby could tell you one thing it would probably be that he would want you to lovingly embrace his memory, but not to stay anchored in the past. He would also want you to know that he is happy and cared for in a place where there are no more tears or pain.”
“Here are some ideas to help your family remember your little one:

  • Name your baby.
  • Plant a tree in your baby’s honor or bulbs that come up every spring.
  • Remember anniversaries such as the baby’s birthday or ‘good-bye day’ with a small celebration or ceremony.”