A Quiet Refuge

“To hear your heart, acknowledge your loss and give you a way to honor and remember the life of your precious baby.”

A Letter to Our Visitors

Dear Friends, If you are visiting this site, it probably means you or someone you love has experienced a pregnancy loss or the death of an infant or young child and you are searching for some understanding- or some way to fill the emptiness in your heart. We are so sorry that you are going through this pain. We cannot provide any easy answers to your grief. What we can do is let you know how much we care and point you towards some resources that will guide you along on this journey. Please visit our Resources Page for some ideas. Also consider our Comfort Collection as a simple but meaningful way of saying, “we care.”

The infant remembrance album that we have written has proven to be tremendously helpful for many grieving parents. Over 10,000 albums have gone out to hurting families in the last 13 years and it is being used in churches, hospitals, funeral homes and bookstores. We are also partnering with the Ronald McDonald House to bring hope and healing in terribly difficult situations. We have received countless letters and e-mails thanking us for understanding how difficult the loss of a pregnancy or infant is- visit our testimonial page here-Stories. Many, many families have found a way through their despair by journalling their thoughts about their babies in a remembrance album.

We hope you find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this trial. We too have some understanding of what you are enduring, having experienced two miscarriages and having had two critically ill sons who were in the hospital for some time. Matthew, our youngest, is a cancer survivor.

We intend to continue to work to make this site more helpful to you, and to your family and friends who have experienced the loss of a precious little one. Please let us know by e-mail how we can do a better job at making this website what we hope it will be for you… a place of peace, a place of hope- A Quiet Refuge.

God Bless You,

Russ & June Gordon

A note about correspondence with A Quiet Refuge: If you are experiencing a medical issue with regards to a pregnancy or having serious problems coping with the physical or emotional effects of pregnancy loss please contact your doctor or health provider immediately. If you feel that you aren’t getting the support you need to help you make life-giving decisions for your baby, please contact a crisis pregnancy center in your area or you can call Focus on The Family where someone who cares will take the time to speak with you. You can call Focus at 1(800)A-FAMILY (232-6459). Clicking on this link will take you to a site that gives a comprehensive listing of nationwide CPC’s. We are unable to address medical issues or issues of severe depression that should be addressed by a doctor or mental health professional.